De Tachtigers incarnate an essential decade of Belgian Pop music where punk, funk, two-tone and electronics hooked up and gave birth to odd angular sounds and records. Members are all born in the Eighties and come from several bands, including the Stand-Ins, the Fading Echoes, Bauhaus, Riskontoe and De Nieuwste Ontwikkeling. De Tachtigers perform Belpop classics from the Eighties, covering and mashing up bits of the Kids, the Scabs, TC Matic and Front 242 as well as some rarities by Arbeid Adelt, the Honeymoon Killers and the likes. These sounds root on the new breed and allow for present-day’s Eighties Renaissance. Since most of these bands retired, de Tachtigers make solely experience the pilot tunes on stage. For a limited time only!

De Morre (bass, vocals)
Wouter S. (sax, synths)
Mr. Martin (guitar, vocals)
P. A . (drums, synths)